How I became a Yogi <3

So I wanted to share with you my story as to how I fell in love with yoga and became a yogi. I, like much of the rest of society, grew up with the perception that yoga was just about the most boring form of ‘exercising’ and it was mostly just stretching and occasionally they talked about some weird hippy crap. It didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. As I grew up and began to develop my love of fitness and started working in the industry, yoga was starting to become more and more popular….it was a massive deal with celebrities and such so I decided to give it a go. I went to my first class, and I HATED IT! It was awful, the woman was talking about all this stuff I didn’t understand….It went for ages and then we had to chant…omfg!  The stretching part was ok, but even that was pretty boring. I went home and told my boyfriend and everyone I knew how much I loved it, and how I couldn’t wait to go back…and I did, for a few weeks, I kept going in the hope that I would somehow have some realization of what everyone else saw in it, I mean I wanted to enjoy it, I wanted so badly to be into yoga and do the cool stuff that I saw on the internet. But I still hated it; no matter how hard I tried I would still just constantly check my watch and hope that it would be over soon. I started finding excuses not to go and pretty soon just stopped going at all. But I still really really wanted to like yoga. So I had this realization, If I wanted to do yoga without the spiritual side of things, then maybe other people would to….and it was from here that I decided to become a yoga teacher. I signed up for a 2 week intensive course ( I’ll do a blog post on my course experience another time) and figured if I could stick it out with all this weird stuff for 2 weeks, then I could do my own thing and structure my classes how I wanted.

So off I went, I headed down to Byron Bay for 2 weeks to become a yoga teacher. This was true test of how mindset can control a situation….seriously, I cannot express this enough. After the first 2 hours I wanted to go home so bad, I was so so so far beyond my comfort zone and so out of my depth. 0000_TYPE-1-480x360Not even kidding, I was actually coming up with excuses as to why I ‘had’ to leave, and everyone just kept saying ‘Trust the Process’ which was super annoying because I was like……’no I don’t want to trust the stupid process, this is awful I need to go home’ hahaha. Anyway, after about day 3 and a lot of mental arguing I came to the conclusion to just make the most of it, to completely throw myself into it and lose all the reservations I had coming in….and you know what, the process flipping worked haha once I realized how much I had actually retained and how much I was learning it all got a lot easier. Once I was able to let go of all that worry about whether I would be able to pass the course or not, I was able to emerse myself fully into the lifestyle and I fell in love. Seriously, say what you want about them….yogis know whats up. They’ve got it sorted. I have never in my life come across people as happy and at peace with themselves as yogis. I went into the course with the idea that ‘I was going to become a yoga teacher, I was going to teach people how to stretch’….oh my gosh, If you have ever done a bit of yoga you will know, the poses/asanas are just scratching the surface. You could spend your entire life studying yoga and still not know everything there is to know. I think the part I fell in love with the most was the philosophy ( ironic considering I went in hating all the ‘spiritual crap’ ;)). As I said earlier, the yogic philosophy is just amazing. It is so full of positivity, opportunity, kindness, generosity and love. There is no gossip or rumour, no deceit or violence….and everybody is so happy…..and you know what, they still manage to apply this to everyday life despite the negativity that society is plagued with. So much of what was said in my philosophy lectures resonated with me so greatly I couldn’t help but be captivated by this magical sparkly world. Once I was able to apply this new mindset, the poses as well became so much more enjoyable….I mean I was also learning how to do everything properly so they actually became harder and hurt more (don’t be fooled…YOGA IS HARD) haha, but combined with proper breathing and the mentality of just being there in that present moment, I was able to feel all of the benefits that everyone talks about, and I then understood why everyone loved it so much.

12 days later, I emerged a completely different person and a person I was so much happier with. To say it was a life changing experience would be an understatement. The real test came though once I returned home and had to migrate back into the real world. It’s so easy to get caught up in old habits and retreat to that negative place I was in that I didn’t even realise. But knowing that the moment I step onto my mat I can let go of all of that and return to that place of peace, well that’s pretty cool. I now crave my morning yoga practice.

I’m not saying that you have to become a yoga teacher to enjoy it, and I’m definitely not saying that you have to be into the weird crap some yoga teachers talk about (yea….talking about rebirthing is still weird). But if you’re like I was and can’t stand the thought of a yoga class, do yourself a favour, go to one….and just focus everything you have on being there and breathing. That’s it. Don’t check your watch, don’t think about dinner. Just be. You’ll be surprised at how enlightening and relaxing  it can be, and plus once you get really flexible, you’ll be able to do cool stuff…so yea there’s that. Don’t just take my word for it though go and try it out and just….TRUST THE PROCESS 😉

Namaste and Big Love




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